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Are you insured?

Yes I am insured, you will receive a copy of my certificate in your registration pack.

Do I need to insure my dog for you to look after them?

I recommend all dogs have pet insurance and all owners should have public liability insurance as a minimum.

Does my dog need any vaccination before using your services?

To register all dogs must be up to date with vaccinations, be wormed and be flea treated regularly.

How do I register to use any of your services?

You will need to fill out a registration form which includes your contact details, all your dogs details including vets, medical history and a bit about their likes & dislikes. I usually ask to come and meet with you and your dog briefly, this is a great opportunity for you to ask me any other questions you may have and for me to meet your dog in their home environment. I will provide you with a registration pack when I meet you, or I can e-mail this to you depending on what service you are looking for.

What happens if the weather is raining and cold?

I walk in all weathers be it rain, snow or frost. If your dog has a short haired coat I am happy for you to send them with a warm or waterproof coat to wear. I carry plenty of towels with me and will provide all dogs with a good rub down and dry off after walks but I would suggest owners also leave some old towels by the door for a final rub down and to avoid any unwanted paw prints around the house.

Do you offer any grooming?

I am able to offer grooming services with prior notice from my mobile groomer at an additional cost.

Do you feed my dog while they are in day care?

I do not generally feed dogs unless there is a dietary or medical condition or unless they are boarding overnight with me in which case the owner would provide their dogs own food for continuity in feeding routine. Most of our dogs are fed either before they leave home and or upon return, with prior agreement I can feed your dog and refresh their water bowl when I bring them home.

How will I know my dog has had fun?

With your permission I have a policy of taking video and pictures of your dog having fun, I am able to e-mail these to you or simply show you on my phone when I bring your dog back. I guarantee your dogs will be exhausted and happy at the end of the day,

How long is a doggy day care day?

Doggie day care is usually for an 8 hour period, I will collect your dog from your home and drop them back for you. Should you require additional hours please ask and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Will you keep my dog on a lead?

With prior written consent all dogs are exercised off the lead. If you would like your dog to be kept on the lead I am happy to use a flexi lead to give them more freedom.

What happens if my dog gets lost?

Firstly it’s important for you as the owner to trust that I will treat your dog as my own and every care will be taken not to lose your dog, however if your dog does get lost it's important to have your dog micro chipped, most vets offer this service. It is also illegal for your dog to be out in public without a collar and name tag and all dogs that I walk are issued with an additional dog tag with my contact details should they be found in the local area whilst in my care. If your dog strays or runs off I will always inform you immediately and arrange a plan of action.

What happens if my dog is taken ill or has an accident in your care?

I will call you and take instructions. If I can not reach you I will act accordingly for the benefit of your dog. I hold the details of all the dogs in my care and their respective vets, if a situation occurs and time allows I will contact your own vet and discuss what is best if it is an emergency I will respond as the situation demands for the benefit of your dog and may need to use local vets. Should any of these circumstances arise any costs incurred must be paid by you the owner and I accept no responsibility for or liability thereof, unless due to negligence or incompetence on my part.

How will my dog have access to fresh water?

I have fresh water on board and your dog will have constant access to fresh water inside.

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